Dear Ruthi

It’s official, you are my muse. I haven’t written in months, not since you’ve been gone. Not letters, nor rants. Not poetry, nor posts. For that matter, I haven’t read much lately either. And the silver strands are hiding too, barely visible, hardly felt. The sense of interconnectedness, of being led, of alignment – muted. For now.

Though my words lie fallow, my pictures ripen in abundant harvest. So much beauty. So much awe. Wonder. Love. They are what I have to give this moment, as summer winds to an end.

I miss you.

With love,


Kawagama Lake, Dorset ~ July 2017


One thought on “muted

  1. i have been silent too. felt silent. but, like you, also felt wonder. awe.
    the words haven’t come – but maybe they will. or maybe they won’t. maybe the flow has turned – or maybe we are just floating on the web so delicately we can’t even see the strands that are supporting this constant journey

    i miss you. xo


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