it’s been a long time…

oh jules,

i don’t even know what to say.

we haven’t been here.

i haven’t been here.

i’ve been far… wandering… and not so far away.

and its been a lifetime-and-a-day.

and as i re-read our words, our letters…

i can’t even remember a year ago — where was i then? who was i then?

who am i now?

(and, as always, how am i still asking that question?)

today…. someone asked me – when i spoke of always adapting to ‘match’ other people:

“did you ever think of letting other people match you?”



….. what?!

what would that even mean? what would that look like? is that possible?

am i even here? as something match-able — or am i just an accumulation of all who have come before. everywhere i am. everyone i encounter….??

and what am i doing with this “one wild and precious life?”

and where are we – a year later? a year older? a year beyond?


…. i miss you ….


this i know is true.


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