“So this is the new year
And I don’t feel any different.
The clanking of crystal
Explosions off in the distance”

dancing to death cab always

marks our new year.

twirling children,

sparklers in the snow


i wake this morning with the

song running through my head.

the anti-climax of it all,

back to the reality of each day.


but the thing is,

we all need the hope of

new beginnings.

second chances.


we all need the dawn,

the new moon,

the next 365,

the seasons.


my finite little self needs

time to measure the

next cycle, to give me the

chance of re-birth.


i wish i was starting 2017

with wings.


i wish for a lot

of things.


i wish i could control myself around sugar.

i wish i didn’t fall asleep, always.

i wish i was more fun.

wish i had more clarity.


but i fell asleep as a friend

spoke of gratitude,


and i wake up

feeling grateful.


so may this be my route to

joy this year.

the root of my joy.

where i begin.


? as you take your first steps into 2017, what are you grateful for

? a friend shared these questions:

  1. who are 3 important people in your life
  2. 3 reasons you’re thankful for your physical body
  3. 3 things you love about where you’re living
  4. 3 amazing gifts or talents that you have
  5. 3 things you did in 2016 that you’re proud of

>>> can you find one small way to build gratitude into your life this year, everyday?

i am thankful for more

than words can express.

that feeling in your heart,

when things are full.

the feeling i get when i

stand outside, alone,

in the woods.

and look up at the sky,

at the drifts across the


the feeling i get when i

watch a little one sleep,

or laugh,

or twirl.

the feeling of being heard,

just for a moment,

of being forgiven,

at just the right time.

for all of this and more,

i am grateful.

i hold on,

i begin again.

and nothing has changed,

on this snowy winter morning. 

but we trust that

new life is growing,

still the same.  

as quoted by: brene brown (and brad watson)

One thought on “beginnings

  1. Happy New Years Ruthi, so glad our paths crossed in 2016. Looking forward to seeing you again in the future. Love your reflections.


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