i was trying to think

about what

intention means to



i hate goals,

don’t really like


(but apparently,

i love challenges –

so true).


i don’t like things that

feel restrictive,

more chances to

fail, to

fall short.



resolutions feel


like a narrowing.


i want more divergence,




i find intentions to be more


intentions are about

creating space

creating space for growth,

for new possibilities,

for what we want more of in our lives.



we need to be intentional

to create that space

in our lives.

to find moments for

the pause.


because if we are not intentional,

life passes by.

think of this year.

these five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes.



so many of my minutes were

spent on auto-pilot,

or on facebook,

or being grumpy.


(many other minutes were spent

with people i love,

eating something delicious,

being outside).


we don’t control much in this life,

in this year ahead.

but we do control our


our reactions,

our focus.


i have found that choosing an intention

(which for me takes the form of a word or two)

helps bring my focus back,

helps to ground me

and remind me.


my sister said it is about mindfulness.



it is something, that if held onto,

if remembered and reminded,

can come back to us when we need it most –

in those moments when we’re just existing

or surviving,

our intention can help centre us –

bring us back to the present

with intention.


over advent,

my intention was ‘open heart,’

i carried my stick of driftwood with me,

and would grasp it

when i felt like shutting down,

running away

(and i felt that often).


it reminded me of what i know i want

even when in this moment,

it does not feel like i want it.


i’m not sure what i want

to set as my intention

for the year ahead…

probably more of the same

open heart


? where can you create intentional space today

? what do you want more of in your life

>>> take some time to think of one intention you’d like to carry with you this year (and, if you want, write it down somewhere or on something, where you will be reminded)

for all the moments that pass us by, 

help us to savour.  

for all that we regret, 

help us to let go. 

for all that we desire, 

help us to trust. 

another year has come 

and is moving on. 

and like each morning, 

this is a new day.

another chance, 

another moment. 

help us to pause. 

help us to create space

in the busy fullness of 

our lives. 

help us to live with



and grace. 

and this year, 

help us to trust this new

life that is growing,

is here.

>>> and if you have time, watch this video or read this essay — it is David Foster Wallace’s commencement speech. it is one of my favourite pieces of writing and i come back to it often… sometimes we need to be reminded that “it is unimaginably hard to do this, to stay conscious and alive, day in and day out.” read “this is water” full text here


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