its funny how we can spend a

lifetime with ourselves

and still have so much to



how you can wake up

15 years later

and still feel the same.

as though nothing,

and everything,

has changed.


to be transported back

with a word or a

song or a cup of

twinings tea.


to sit in the circle and

remember what it

was like to be



to sit in the circle and

remember what it

was like to be



to sit in the circle and

to realize that we

are all still here.

still struggling,

still dreaming.

still grasping for hope.

for grace.


the grace to be gentle

with ourselves.

to be gracious with the

passing of time.

to receive Grace for

all that we don’t deserve.


the grace to take risks

and fail.

the grace to shed tears

and say ‘this is hard

right now.’

the grace to show up.


grace is beautiful movement, with ease

grace is God’s free and unmerited mercy and love

grace is an act or instance of kindness

to grace is to honor someone or something by one’s presence.

to say grace is to give thanks.


sometimes we just need to

show up,

take risks,

be open,

be gracious.

with ourselves, with those we love,

with this life we’ve been given.

this life that we’re still living.


? what does grace look like in your life

? what does grace sound like in your life right now

>>> where do you need to experience grace? where do you need to show grace today?


amazing Grace oh sweet

the sound

that saved our

wretched selves. 

may we give this gift

as freely as we 

have received it.

with blessing

and with thanks. 

in our actions and 

our words. 

by our showing up, 

our presence. 

may we receive

this gift, 

with open hearts, 

open hands, 

open minds. 

may we be gracious with ourselves,

with each other; 

with kindness and with mercy. 

and may we trust

this new life that is growing.


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