“If I have had sleep and am clear-headed, I know that I am not failing.

That being said, it feels as though those times are few and far between.”


words spoken by a new momma

words that any of us could say…


we think we rocked it!

but most days,

the voice of failure


the voice of discouragement

beckons louder still.


and in these days of

exams and cramming,

gift-wrapped shopping malls,

tables full of temptation,

and newborn’s restless nights.


it is easy to want to give up,

to sleep through this season,

to wake up when it is over.


but, what if there was no such thing as failure?


? what if you were doing the best that you can

? what if that was actually okay

? what if you could believe that, even for this moment

>>> today, can you let yourself off of the hook?


may we know that we are not failing

even when we feel

like failures.

we compare, 

we condemn, 

we criticize, 

ourselves most of all. 

today, may we rest in the grace, 

that really, we are doing ok. 

we are doing our best. 

even if our best, is not our best, 

it is enough. 

we are enough. 

may we rest in that reassurance today. 

may we let ourselves off the hook.

may we let one another off the hook.

and though the voice of failure shouts

and discouragement beckons us to quit,

may we trust that we are on this path together.

may we trust that new life is growing,

even if we feel we’re failing.




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