there’s something about the air

after freshly fallen snow;

the way your breath lingers,


the lights emit a haloed glow

against this bright

night sky.


i just want to curl up,

hide away.

i also want to go outside,

to play.


and as the snow falls

heavy, steady now,

i choose to walk,

to trudge, to wonder

at this approaching



for me, the (re)discovery

of skating has changed

winter’s landscape.

there is something that feels

close to flying, like a

bicycle at full speed,

doing crossovers round the curve.


and i find myself smiling,

skating alone, after dark.

i find myself a little bit more alive,

a little bit lighter,

a little bit freer.


the walk home is cold,

but the lights in the park are colourful

and the moon shines bright

against this wintry sky.


? what makes you smile in the winter

? what makes you feel alive

>>> this week, as winter approaches, try to embrace its landscape

         (and share about it)… 

it is easy to be thankful in the summer sun, 

harder now with winter’s moon approaching. 

but the earth is wrapped in its

snowy, down duvet; 

there is a certain peace 

when life has gone to sleep. 

and as the snow falls, 

may we wonder

and may we rest. 

as we trudge through these coming months: 

may we lift our eyes in awe, 

taste snowflakes on our tongue, 

find a way to feel alive, 

and in the end, 

may we survive. 

and as we prepare for winter’s advent, 

may we trust that new life is growing

beneath the snow. 


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