Sand  (Eliza Heeney)

I am a sand dollar

On a white shore

Harsh waters sucking at my edges

It tugs and tugs

Grain after grain

And i become sand

I come apart at the perimeter

And become a part of all things

Pieces of me spinning out

In the depth of waters, salt, and shore.

I shrink to myself

But I grow softer, smoother

Through the loss of my edges

On a white shore that is of me

And in me.


? what is smoothing out your edges

? is it painful

? how do you find yourself standing out; blending in?

>>> today, notice how you are affected by your environment; how you affect it… 

we are the same 

and not the same. 

a part of it all, 

but separate.


but not containable. 

today, can we trust the sea, 

like sand and waves

on shards of glass. 

can we trust the disintegrating,

 trust the smoothing?

can we live with our fragility, 

can we live with (and without) our edges?

and can we trust that new life is growing?


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