“We were once familiar with anticipation; an all-important pause. Both Walt Whitman and Vincent Van Gogh spent time studying a blade of grass, knowing that the smallest detail of nature is essential to our understanding of the universe and thereby our place in it. How far removed the world is today from this legacy of time spent in nature and the slow careful focus.  This is alien in a world that zooms outward. Sometimes it feels like we’re moving in the wrong direction. We need to reset the metronome to the rhythm of our heartbeat which surely was the pace at which we were meant to move.

Anticipation trains us to have vision for the future and simultaneously plants us firmly in the present because to enjoy a period of waiting- we dream. Silence and stillness are friends of the dreamer.  

When we sit with anticipation, it becomes a barometer for our emotional life that guides us in the questions and challenges we face. The time of waiting affords us a slightly distant view that helps clarify our feelings and prepares us for what’s to come. It is essentially, a prayerful space.” (excerpt from Leslie Morgenson)

? what do you remember waiting for as a child…

? what have we lost in our world of instant gratification… instant connection…

>> write and mail someone a letter today… 

we come as children,

with our eager anticipation.

it is hard to sit quietly,

to be still when there is so much

to look forward to…

and so we ask for

this pause.

looking forward,

not back.

and we are so thankful for

this gift.

this gift of anticipation, 

of new life growing in us.


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