i have had the chance to walk through so

many transitions lately.

to bear witness to the

changes in others, with others.

in myself.


leaving a job,

becoming wives,

welcoming a new son,

grieving a daughter,

a father,

a marriage.

moving to a new house,

a new city,

a new role.


walking in and through these transitions

has reminded me:

life is not easy.

and change is hard


even the most longed for changes

come at a cost.

and the price is often high.


on Sunday,

i was reminded of the ‘sharing economy’

that emerges while hiking trails.

the community that comes together

when you’re camping…

united by nature and the elements.


and, i have also been reminded,

thanks to parker palmer,

that abundance is community:

community is abundance.



it is in the sharing

that we have enough,

it is in the sharing,

that we make it through.


it is a privilege to walk with people

in the midst of transition,

to share the changes,

bear witness to the suffering and the joy.


this gift of community is so rich,

in the giving and the receiving…

reminding us that we are never the same,

never alone,

that ‘this too will pass’

that we will make it through,



? what changes are you experiencing this season

? can you sense the presence of community in the midst of these changes

>>> how can you come alongside someone walking through a season of transition?


be with us in the midst of


be the rock that never

leaves us.

be the hope that we

so desperately need,

our lifeline on these shifting seas.

may we be this gift for others,

may we make it through together.

and through it all

may we trust that new life is growing.


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