i sit here, this tiny life in my arms,

latched on to her bottle for dear life.

her dear life.


this life that, through no fault of her own,

is destined to be harder than most.

her innocence and ferocious resilience astounds me;

she demands to be fed.


does she know?

she’s never known anything else…

from cocoon womb to this fostered life.


and as i sit here, another momma learns to feed,

her milk her own. her child her own.

that dear life from womb to breast,

at home in a loving embrace.


this little one has known the pain of withdrawal

before teething,

knows the shiver of craving.

she has inherited genes and gestation

that hardwire her for struggle.



she is a fighter,

already a survivor.

and, i don’t know what it will take.

is love enough?


? where are you struggling today

>>> is anyone in your life struggling? can you hold them?

        can you find a way to be present for them today, in love?


hold this little one in your arms

protect her life from trouble.

(you are in the struggle)

hold us in your arms

protect our lives from trouble.

(you are in the struggle)

we hold each other, arm in arm

protect us from all our troubles.

(you are in the struggle)

we trust that new life is growing,

(even in struggle)


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