are you where you thought you’d be?


we hesitate to speak of regrets

although we love second chances.


what do you do – when who you are

doesn’t add up to the you

of your imagination?


when the life you have doesn’t

match your aspirations?


and what do you do – when it does?

what do you do, when the life you

wanted is the life you live?

what if you’re happy?

what if you’re miserable?


and what do we do with the

space between

the life of our dreams

and this

journey on the ground?


? how do we love the life we’re living

>>> take some time to reflect on what you love about your life… 

we come with humble gratitude

in our discontentment and our joy. 

we come with hands wide open, 

hearts spilling over:

for all we have been given, 

for all we have received. 

we lay down our burdens, 

our comparisons, our shame. 

we lay down our criticism, 

our condemnation, and our pain.

and from our knees, 

we raise our eyes, 

in thanks

in humble peace. 

from this ground we know,

we trust

that new life is growing.

[love what is]
artwork by lissy whitley




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