you’d think i’d be sick

of it – this peanut butter

banana oatmeal



but this ritual,

it nourishes me.

it comforts me.

it sustains me.


and i think about friends

struggling to breastfeed,

to nourish their little ones.


and i think about the times

we gather around a table

to eat and share and laugh.


i think about scrolling Facebook,

or the endless popcorn i consume…

filling up these in between moments,

these in between days.


there is so much empty-ness

in the full-ness of our lives.

there are so many things that

take up space, but offer no

nourishment in return.



a child in the womb is fed by their mother,

her body puts their nourishment even above her own.

but as we grow up, nourishment

almost feels like something we have

to fight for, to reach for, to seek.


(in a space of privilege)

it is easy to be fed.

it is not easy to be nourished.


? what nourishes your body

? what nourishes your soul

? what nourishing rituals do you practice

>>> take some time today to do something TRULY nourishing (and share about it)


i am (we are) so hungry, 

and empty

most of the time. 

full but not satiated.

fed but not satisfied .

today, may our words enrich others…

may the sun and trees fill our lungs with gratitude…

may the journey be life-giving…

may our bodies and our souls be filled

with light, with love, with hope, with peace.

may we offer this nourishment to others,

this light, this love, this hope, this peace.

may we savour the moments

and rest in the fullness

of the gifts we give and receive.

and may we trust that new life is growing.  



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