in a few weeks,

we celebrate a birth…

with all the labour pains

and joyful expectation.


i am surrounded by reminders

of life’s maternal process…


these strong, wise women,

my dearest companions,

are walking with new

life within.


their journey fingerprinted

with a path all their own

and one as old as time


some walk with fear.

others: heaviness

curious anticipation

reluctant transition.


there is hope and

new beginnings.

goodbyes and hesitation.


nothing changes

more than life.

or death.


but each day brings

a challenge and

a call.


and i wonder,

what is waiting to be born in me?


what changes are gestating

beneath the sands of time?


? how does time feel today…

? does it trickle slowly

? are you feeling buried beneath its flow…

? is it racing, passing by

? has it stopped, stuck in this moment

>>> take 5 minutes… take your pulse… pause and let time pass… 

new life takes 9 months to form, 

at least. 

and as time passes, 

races, flies, 

crawls, and creeps, and slows. 

we ask for the pause, 

the patience

to  remain.

if this is a race, it is a marathon, 

it is the long way Home. 

help us heed the challenge of today, 

help us heed the call

we are expecting,

help us trust that new life is growing. 


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