sometimes, we are just tired…

maybe it is the time of year…

the descending snow,

the slow dawn,

the impending chill.


(and maybe you are feeling



on fire…

in which case…

can you just take over writing now……….?)


but if you are feeling slow

and weary.


and trust.


trust that the seasons

have their cycles.

that sometimes,

it is okay to just … stop.


i was told, that sometimes,

when labour starts,

midwives advise that a woman

try to go to sleep.

somehow, I can’t imagine this being possible.

but, it seems like good advice:

“rest while you can”


… along with…


“listen to your body”

“trust the process”


and we are all pregnant…

with possibility…

we are all waiting…

waiting for change to come…

waiting for the idea to form…

waiting for the energy to return…

waiting for the next step to be revealed…

but sometimes,

we just need rest.

“trust the process”

trust that it’s okay to



that somewhere,

beneath the fatigue,

beneath the snow,

beneath the heavy dreams…

new life is being formed…

things are growing.

but, these things can’t be rushed…


you just have to wait.


(and hibernate).

? how are you feeling today…

?how do you hibernate…

>>> what can you do today to allow yourself to rest, truly rest…. (do it)


on these heavy, tiring days.

we ask for rest.

we are soul-tired and worn.

we ask for patience,

we ask for rest…

and we trust.

we trust your sustaining



we trust that even in hibernation, 

we are held. 

we are worthy. 

we trust that even if we stop, 

the world will not. 

and while we rest, 

we trust that new life is growing. 


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