life has been growing before you were born

before you held any conception

of the universe that lay inside you

before you, surrounding you.


you are the spark of the divine,

the embodiment of creative love

and the life that you carry is

yet another flame


this light comes into a world still dark,

a world confused and confusing.

one filled with much love and



one where many want and many

shoot to kill.

one where we work together for good

and plot against hope.


as the wind rages and

the snow begins to fall,

covering autumn’s golden blanket

with winter’s rest


you prepare to turn the page,

the rest is still unwritten,

or so it seems to these dim

eyes, straining to read ahead.


so you settle in and

count your blessings,

fold the onesies, and

drink your tea.


know that big Momma’s poured

a heaping cup of kindness here,

her bosom warm

and welcoming…


with her breath the world began,

all life in her embrace

sustained and nurtured

carried, held.


her tears flow with each

painful cry, her

laughter fills the sky

at night.


above, beside, around,

she encircles both the

ebb and the moonlit

tidal flow.


she’s the voice, not

gentle but strong

in her affirmative

“you’ve got this”


? if you could crawl up in a warm encompassing embrace today, what would you say… 

? how would it feel to be held and loved unconditionally…

? where do you need to hear “you’ve got this”…

>>> can you be this safe space for someone today? (please share your experience…)

bless the mamas

the papas

the little ones

the grown.

bring sustaining faith

nourishing hope

and patient perseverance

for each stage 

of this life’s journey. 

bless the sleepless nights, 

the fearful cries, 

the attentiveness and the delight. 

bless each child 

as we walk 

this path. 

may we grasp, 

somewhere in our deepest selves, 

that we are loved

beyond conception.

and may we trust that new life is growing. 



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