soon, the days will be(come) longer.

until then,

we are blessed with darkness.


like the darkness

of the womb.

the darkness of



we all want to start at the end.

begin with arrival,



i want to be there.



you are here.

i am here.

we are



what do you long for?

what do you ache for?

what do you dream of?

what do you want?


and if you have no fucking idea:

that is ok.

i am here.

in this place of






if you are here,

in darkness or obscurity

frustration or regret

resentment or futility

then join the slow


you are here.


right where you need to be:




? what do you long for…

? what do you ache for…

? what do you dream of…

? what do you want…

>>> take the time to write down some of these desires…


i want to be there, not here.

i want to be finished, not starting.

i want the peace, not the process.

be with us, in our troubled longings

be with our aching hearts.

infuse us with dreams.

take our tiny desires

and make them whole…

help us dream beyond our limits.

help us want the best for others.

help us want the best for ourselves.

may our longings point to You,

may our aching lead us closer,

may our dreams guide us deeper,

may our desires lead us Home.

and may we trust that new life is growing.



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