i recently took a journey…

a friendship tour

a celebration of new love in marriage

a pilgrimage


this journey spanned a few months…

5 provinces

a decade of friendships…


lots of buses,

rideshares with random strangers,



it was a chance to see ones i love,

to meet their loves,

to meet their babies,

their baby bumps.


it was a time of celebration,

lots of dancing…

it was a time of mourning,

for the loss of young life,

the loss of love,

of marriage.


there were mountain-top moments,

and late night porch

cigarettes with tears.


there were lonely ferry rides

and friendly greyhound interactions…


and through it all,

i kept asking the question…

who am i?

what am i doing here?

where should i be?

who am i?


and for all of my wandering,

for all the conversations,

shared wisdom and wine…

i still don’t know.


(do we ever know?)


and maybe they were the wrong questions…

           or maybe i am not quite patient.


but, i am still standing here,

back at the beginning,

still asking,

         still waiting.

still hoping to be transformed.


? what are you asking life today…

? what are you hoping for…

>>> can you rest in where you are today?

we long for clarity…

we don’t have eyes to see in the dark

we don’t have ears to hear in the silence

we don’t have minds that will simply rest.

today, we don’t ask to see, but to trust

not to hear, but to listen

not to know, but to rest.

 we trust that new life is growing


2 thoughts on “journey

  1. You know Ruthie I spent a lot of my life reflecting, thinking that God had designed me for something better,different or great. I finally started to listen to what those around me were saying or maybe God opened my ears to here him through others. I knew I had talents and abilities but it was just like I was fighting them wanting to be or do something else. Finally I said “alright if thats the way you wired me I will go for it”. God has blessed me beyond what I could have imagined. It still wasn’t easy but when I faced into using what God had already provided me with doors opened I or anyone else wouldn’t have expected. It took courage to step out in faith that was not seen. He will give you the courage if you choose to place your unwavering faith in Him. He has gifted you trust Him!!


    1. oh bwana, thanks for sharing about your journey of trust! i love to hear how the way is opening as you live into your gifts… while i am in the midst of the journey (as we all always are), i am trusting… it is a good reminder that the transformation doesn’t come from being ‘something else’ or ‘someone else’ – but from living more fully into who we already are… who we were made to be… thanks for journey-ing with us…


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