this is a season

of waiting….

of expectation,

of longing,

of change.


it is a time of hope

and apprehension.


a time of reflection and loss,

anticipation and dreams.


it is a time of incarnation,

spirit and body joining together.


it is a time of incubation,

gestation, and growth.


it is also a time of

hibernation, cocooning.


and a time of opening,

beginning again.


i’m not sure what to expect

on this journey.

i thought i might know,

but these are dark days,

confusing days.


days of hope.

and days of fear.


days with bright moons,

and days with dark mornings.


i was hoping i’d have something

“figured out”

but that is not the way it works…

sometimes it is all about

the journey,

the questions

the not-knowing

the waiting…


so let’s walk together

for a little while…

reflect on our waiting,

see what we discover…

see what is growing in us…

see what is growing

in our world…


if you have thoughts,

or questions,

prayers or responses,

please share.


? what are you waiting for…

? what is your intention
for this advent season…

[intention: an aim – or
the healing process of a wound]

>>> write out your intention,
put it somewhere that you’ll see it daily

we ask for accompaniment

and patience for this journey.

we ask for hope in darkness

and the gentle reassurance

that new life is growing,

even in us.

even right now.

we offer our selves,

our time and our intention…

and our love…

we offer our love:

to ourselves,

to the earth, to one another.

to You.

and so we wait…

in love and expectation.

and we trust that new life

is growing



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