full moon high

oh jules,
i wish i could end on a
full moon high

share stories of
synchronicity and

but, i just feel
the remains of a
sugar high

and the beginnings
of another ginger snap
induced breakfast coma

today bears its own
significance –
as nov 1,
it is my birthday month
which, by itself,
is largely insignificant,
but this mediocre birthday
does hold a special

you see, my mom got
married when she was 38.
(turns out it might have been
37 which ruins this whole
story – so 38 it is, as that is the
story i grew up with)

and, in some background
newsfeed of my mind,
i always assumed that i’d
have “lots of time”

but, it feels (unhelpfully)
like time is up.

time to fall in love.
time to start a family.
time to …….. who even knows.

anyway jules,
november already has me
thinking along these lines.

we’ll see if i write
along these lines.

thank you.

thank you for this journey of joy,
this journey through one
whole twisting cycle

thanks for photos and
encouragement and words
and honesty.

i love you.

i’m so glad we’re on the journey together,
even from a distance.

how does november find you?


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