My dear Ruthi,

I gasped at the sight of the moon too! She is so full, so soon. The month is almost over.

Last night, I fell asleep prematurely having snuggled in bed to warm my toes, an apple snack and book at hand, looking for inspiration. I vaguely remember Ben coming to bed and turning off my light. I thought, no, no, I’m not going to sleep yet. Such an impotent protest.

Now this morning, I feel the commitments of the day pressing in. The clock counts down quickly to my having to be out the door.

And yet, I still ended up on Instagram. I came across Mark Manson’s (a kind of) hierarchy of happiness post. This feels like the emotions wheel again.

Pleasure / Fulfillment / Joy / Ecstasy
Physical / Emotional / Spiritual

Hierarchy = Linear = Distinct

I don’t find this helpful. I don’t seem to experience life this way. It all seems too dynamic for a single plane. I lean towards Venn diagrams. I’m drawn to wheels. And flow charts. Overlays. Movement. Circles and cycles. Seasons and senses.

It is these things that make me so drawn to that moon image overlay you sent, so fabulous (the moon photographed for 28 days, same place, same time). “Lunar Curve” by Giorgia Hofer, Italy.

It has been a week of charts and wheels. Fascinating to me.



source: my 2020 cabinet, artist H/34, I bought it directly from the designer maybe 20 years ago… can’t find him anymore.



source: unknown, all over the place but can’t find who made it.

The photography stuff spins out of my attempts at rephotography, specifically “Dear Photograph.” He’s a Kitchener guy.

And with all the photo digging I did last weekend, I thought I’d give it a try. So tough! I have a lot to learn and a lens to add to my kit.

My sister on horseback at the family business on Weber St, Waterloo / My parents wedding day at St Louis Church, Waterloo / My eldest five siblings at the family home on Victoria St, Kitchener / 1950s Parade on King St, Uptown, Waterloo

So many rabbit holes. Such a joyful journey.

I’m not sure it matters if it’s joy or gratitude. If it’s happiness or joy. If it’s pleasure or fulfilment. I want to be in that expansive space. As much as I can be. As often as I can be. And any actions I can take to amplify that – intention, attention, practice, partnership – are all worth pursuing.

Being witness to your own pursuit has further amplified this for me. Thank you so much. For all of it.

With love,



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