My dear Ruthi,

We are smack dab in the middle of our full moons. This new moon. There, but unseen. The light on the other side.

A time for intentions.

So I went down to my 2020 cabinet to recenter and set intention, and found this, which made me chuckle…

I don’t remember writing it (and I did, likely in January), but it’s my answer to some of these questions we’ve posed.

Love. At the centre.

You say, “Ross notes that in writing about delight, he developed a radar for it.” Yes, this! Exactly this – what we’re doing this month, with joy. I hope so too!

Joy, and connection, and feeding – they were in…

the poached eggs on greens with balsamic.

the pine forest with its linear view and muffled sounds and spectacular scent.

the 8-foot corn pointing to the barn.

the geese i disturbed.

the change of perspective.

the trail I walked and then walked off of for a while.

the wondering and the wonder of discovery (orange=pine needles, white=seagull feathers, green=algae).

The term ‘mycelium’ is new to me, though I’m familiar with the concept of the network. Of the communication. The connectedness. I love, love that Ross Dam was on “On Being” AND spoke of mycelium. And joy! So fun. So silver strands. And simply so beautiful and full of wonder.

I’m sorry about your van. And I’m excited you’re connecting with Tamara. And I understand the desire for ease. Wanting ease and doing the work do not have to be related. I’m not quite convinced about the sloth thing.

But I am convinced I must choose bed over more words for tonight.

With love and gratitude,



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