catalogue of joy (i)

the way the sun melts frost
from fallen leaves
waking up outside
long shadows

the morning call of crows
birds surrounding in all their forms
stealing seeds from sunflowers
playing hide and seek in the apple tree
a long and distant swoop

catching a falling leaf from the
fiery fiery trees

the daytime fingernail moon
encased in leaves
a most meandering
scribble of a trail
through golden trees
early on a sunday morning

lying on our bellies
in the october sun
drawing with sidewalk chalk
watching her laugh

coconut butter tarts
slow dutch blitz
brussel sprouts popped
off the stalk by tiny hands
purple carrots
london fogs and pumpkin seeds

the clearest crystal sky

brushing teeth beneath constellations

saying goodnight to mars

and jules,
i never thought my
catalogue of joy
would include
kittens and belly rubs
this incessant purr

and yet.
here we are.



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