joy is

dappled light

and rocks as smooth as sky

puff mushrooms

old friends and new generations

a distant train

that heavy clouded sky

joy is

gratitude encased in body senses

rustling birch

a blow up kayak all filled up

overripe strawberries

the glittering shield

autumn embraced

spontaneous and unplanned



joy is

light days after heavy

a long phone call

djarums by the fire

hot chocolate first in a lifetime

mushrooms tucked into pine needle beds

moss as soft as tender flesh

golden hour

the moments before

and after

joy is

rich and simple

french river fudge

on rocky shores

sometimes a memory

sometimes a dream



and transcendent

joy is

group of 7 jack pines

the delight of discovery




when nothing else

needs to be added

to this moment

and nothing can be

taken away.

joy is


it is never


good night dear jules xo

(joy is the luminous pumpkin pie moon)


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