for the body

My dear Ruthi,

Enneagram? Oh goodness. 

I do remember our time with Tamara and think with gratitude upon all the ways my path has crossed with hers (enneagram, labyrinth, Beyond Binaries). “I. Am. Here.” and its four hand positions still resonant often. I hope to connect with her again soon. 

Instinctual variants sounds intriguing. The various triads have always illuminated something for me, even when traction was hard to find. 

You say it’s “not easy or palatable or even digestible.” I would add accessible and tangible to that list. The most accessible and tangible enneagram concept I’ve explored so far is the Centers of Intelligence. And that learning is where I find myself wanting to immerse in this month about Joy. Being present in my body. Attentive to what is going on with it. 

What do specific emotions actually feel like? 

Which actions, events, and people energetically recharge me?

Which deplete? 

I’ve heard it said that joy begins with the senses (TED, Ingrid Fetell Lee, Where joy hides and how to find it). It doesn’t get more bodily than that.

So where and how is Joy accessible to me?

Twinkling lights, incredible tasting food made for me, the comfort of inspiring space, and connecting with sisters. I found myself skipping in the kitchen, which is apparently a scientific measure of joy.

Being in the right place at the right time to see the rare and unusual sight – and ignoring the comments that it was long gone. Again, I had a hop in my step.

And these guys. Goodness me. The joy of just looking at them, the grins and twinkling eyes, the sound of their laughter and playfulness, the feel of their embrace.

And well, chocolate. It goes without saying, right? The sensual delight of the palate (taste and touch) that is my mother in-law’s Texas sheet cake.

In what ways did Joy touch you today? 

Good night my dear. May sleep be a body’s joy tonight for both of us.

Love, Jules


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