Dear Ruthi,

Day 40 and this journey comes to an end
just as a new one is about to begin.
As if you timed it that way.

The flowers litter the lawn and catch the light at day’s end
pretty enough to pause
the plate of turkey waiting for me
and grab my camera.

This morning,
I bid Don Quixote and his 785 pages farewell.
Then eagerly broke into a new book,
fresh and vibrant
like a deep breath in the woods,
but about deep breathing in a cage.

The bunny is primed and ready to go
for kids too old
but still trying to keep the magic alive and well.

Family tomorrow.
And the lake too.
They both make me sigh with contentment.

And I bid you Adieu
(literally, to God)
with the promise of one more hug
and a transition from fingers on keys
to pen on paper.

Good end.
Good night.
Good bye.
Good journey.

Adieu, my dear.

With love,




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