Dear Ruthi,

Today is Day 13.
Treehouse day.
Play day.
Childhood day.

Today I was afraid of
snake bites
broken bones
broken branches

the burn of
red ants
and noxious sap

obnoxious tourists
breaking rules
not knowing the rules
around trees
in the park

breaking rules
about NOT climbing in flip flops
because they are NOT appropriate climbing footwear
because they’re dangerous
and stupid,
and dangerous
and stupid
is something
to be afraid of.

I was afraid
someone would yell at us
just because
not everyone
is not afraid enough
to stop the kids
from climbing
such magnificent

And that was just the 20 minutes we spent in these two beautiful beasts.

What if  you’re afraid of everything, or nothing at all?
Does it matter as much as what you love?
Be it everything,
or nothing at all?

Now, I’m afraid
of what it means
that not once
did I
consider climbing these trees

With love,




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