walking tonight

down the warm foggy street

I found myself wondering,

standing in wonder.

at Christmas lights.


what had before seemed

nothing more than

gawdy bulbs of plastic

representing a

consumer culture

and santa claus cult


somehow became beacons

a testament to beauty


that as the night grows longer

we must ‘rage rage against the dying of the light’

and the intentional act

of stringing Christmas lights

somehow seemed a fist in the air

against the darkness


I pictured those who were

precariously perched

trying to weave a tangled web of wires

hoping the connection would hold

and the bulbs would grow bright


on a dark foggy night,

it was as though homes were lit from the

outside in

I was no longer walking alone down

a dark abandoned street.


now there were colours flickering

one house made an arc over the sidewalk

as though they were lights

strung along a dancefloor

and if I waited there a partner may appear

to sweep me off my feet


the lights of one house flickered on and off

to tinny Christmas music

annoying to the neighbours

but made me smile as I walked by


another house had reindeer lit

nearby the manger

guarding baby Jesus, perhaps


and so for all my cynicism

my spirit was lifted

I was enveloped in a rainbow

of LED light


and in the warmth of this eve

I didn’t have to burrow my head

against the wind,

so I was free to look ahead

gaze on the craftsmanship,

tacky as it was,

of each homes’ careful display


so I am celebrating this festive season

seeing these neon lights as a

sign of Advent

that the days will get longer

that there is hope even on the darkest nights


and that people,

despite all their selfishness

and despite all the pain on the nightly news

can somehow still find joy and beauty


so my path home was lit

not with the one shining star

but with hope nonetheless


and I knew I was not alone

there is goodness in the world

and the darkness will not last forever

but while it remains

there are strands of light

breaking through.


? where can you see the light shining through

? can you trust that the days will soon be brightening

>>> tonight, take a stroll, try to savour the lights, the colour, the goodness


winter is almost here, 

brighter days are drawing near. 

but for now, 

on this long night

we walk and we wonder. 

and we hold hope that 

there is beauty and goodness, 

alongside pain and sadness. 

so for tonight, 

we lift our gaze and

smile at the lights,

receiving all the gifts of this season. 

may we share freely.

may we receive in abundance. 

and may we trust that new life is growing. 


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