i was born in the north.

sometimes i think my soul is still tied to these trees,

caught in these creviced rock faces,

reflected in the many waters.

standing under these constellations,

this inky distant sky…

the darkness comes earlier here,

and completely.

walking this starlit path through the styrofoam crunch of icy snow,

i don’t feel cold.

i feel awake. alive.

sometimes you just have to go.

and sometimes you need to stay.

sometimes you must return.

and sometimes you need to get away.

for tonight,

this fireside glow.

the company of friend and pup and beer.

this cozy space amongst the trees,

this is where i need to be.

? where do you need to be right now

? what spaces beckon you

>>> in your mind, go to your favourite place, rest there a while, as you start your week

bless where we are

where we were and

where we long to be

help us to rest here, now.

remember there and then.

dream for yet to come.

in this moment and the next,

we ask for hope and rest.

and from where we are,

may we trust that new life is growing.


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