as each month progresses,

we are reminded…


the menstrual marker,

greeted with relief,




the cycle moves through

us and we



even as we curse



the blessing and the

curse are  

intertwined as

these roots and dark soil.


which is the one

to bear the



for those who the bleeding


prolonging grief.


for those who the absence

brings regret

not peace.


for those who wish for

reprieve and

fertile soil.


for those whose bodies

cannot maneuver

these complicated waters.


for those who long

but have



for those who fear

but have



for those who cry out in

pain in the night,



for those who risk it

all for hope and

a prayer.


for those who wander

and don’t



for each of these.

for all of us.


we plant a seed.


we trust that

new life

is growing

up in us.

through us.

around us.


even when the


like soil,


it all.


? what are you grieving today…

? what has not taken root…

? what has been uprooted…

? what has withered…

? where are you doubting today…

>>> think of someone in your life,

visualize planting a seed for them… 

          what do they need today?

                  what do you need today?

for all of us

for all of this

we cry out

in loss 

in longing

and in darkness.

for all that isn’t fair

for all that isn’t kind

for all that feels hard today

for all that feels undone.

we offer these things

in hope. 

we offer these things

in trust.

we offer these things

with trembling hands. 

and we trust new life is growing in us. 


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