Dear Ruthi,

This weekend felt like two extremes. Yesterday was the first entirely open Saturday we’ve had in I can’t remember when. It was a rooting day. We dug our feet into home. Tidied. Organized. Ate three meals together. It was lovely and hard work. 

Today, all three kids had their end of season team parties. It was unrooting, or like leaves falling to the ground. Goodbyes to teammates and coaches. Uncertainty over what next season will look like and who it will include. Av also said goodbye to her teacher who is leaving the school and has to start again with another to finish the year before she too leaves the school.

I’d taken for granted how lucky we were. How comfortably everyone sat with their teams and classrooms. The thank you cards to our amazing coaches go unwritten with a heavy heart and large heaping of guilt. Their time and commitment astounds me and deserves proper acknowledgement. Still on my to do list…

In a way, we being again. Settle in. Find our places two ways, with others and with ourselves.

Another week starts and bed calls. Tired and open… missing you.
Unsure what to write for what you asked for Sunday. Any suggestions?

With love,



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