Dear Ruthi,

How I love to read your words, hear your thoughts – ideas of letting go, holding on, practice and practise and ritual. Forgive me for trying to ignore that all of this is moving us to goodbye, to your next adventure.

I wonder if somewhere there is a part of me that wants adventure. Today, all I wanted was sleep, stillness and silence. And I took them – deferring as many questions as I could and napping as often as possible. There was a bit of adventure with a snake sighting for Carson and me.


I was fascinated to see in action a snake above ground, as this one hid at the top of the bush, something I never considered all the years I’ve traipsed through these gardens. 

You remind me to slow for the sacred moments. Today that was snuggles with Ellie, waiting at the BBQ with Ben, and paying homage to this favoured tree at sunset. I wonder how this tree has stayed rooted in sand all these years so close to the beach and subject to the harsh winds that can blow off the Gulf. Does it hold its ground knowingly, or suffer the limbo effect, that in-between, as we do?

I’m still stuck in my words, my thoughts, my actions and my inactions – stuck outside of flow. But know I am thinking of you and I cherish your letters.

With love,



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