40 days


Last year at this time, we (Ruthi and I) had the pleasure of working together, along with a talented team of creatives at Nexus to create this booklet. This year, we’ve done a reprint with the cover in colour and the dates updated. If you’re at all interested in obtaining a copy for your own use, let us know and we’ll try to get you a copy. A small quantity will be available on Sunday at Nexus. Pay as you can with a suggested contribution point of $10. All proceeds going to future creative projects as Nexus. If you already have a copy from last year, a quick date reference sheet will soon be available to make it easier to cross reference which day we are on.

I’m excited to actually use the booklet this year. Things were much too busy last year to really sit with it. My hope is to use the reflection questions as a launch point to post here, at Silver Strands, daily (or close to) through Lent. Journey along with us in A Lenten Convers(at)ion. We welcome your voice.



5 thoughts on “40 days

  1. Hi Julie and Ruth

    This is Paulette Kane…..Ruth I’m former Seminary classmate 🙂 I would love to purchase one of your booklets ……and will arrange to pay postage and a donation towards your wonderful work. I’m now living out east…..so would be happen to connect to arrange for this. Loving your poetry writing and beautiful reflections!

    Peace to you Paulette

    Sent from my Samsung device over Bell’s LTE network.

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  2. I also would love to get a copy – happy to pay for postage or arrange to pick up a copy somewhere – I inevitably get ‘stuck’ most days on campus at Renison but with a bit of notice I can arrange to get away 🙂

    (Anglican chaplain at UWaterloo)


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