by the fire again,

the windows streaked with rain.

i feel tired and



for all of the struggle,

life is Good.

hard, but Good.


there are moments when

we remember this,

and moments when

it feels really hard to trust.


but sometimes even

in those darkest times,

there are glimmers and



and sometimes gratitude

is that window,

that break in the storm,

the crack of light.


sometimes it breaks through

and sometimes we have

to search for the lost keys

in the snow.


but sometimes, sometimes

we can just trust that

underneath it all, there are

silver strands

linking us.


this is not a silver lining,

this is a foundational fabric

woven since the dawn

of time.


connecting us to Love,

to Hope, to Light.

it is where we are from and

what ties us all together.

the Oneness that we long

for and resist.


because we are truly in this


and there is much to be

grateful for.


? what are you grateful for today

? as you reflect on 2016, where does your gratitude break through

>>> share your gratitude in words today


we are so blessed.

help us to trust this reality

and not our feelings. 

lead us to gratitude today, 

help us see the glow

amidst the grey. 

to know that we are held, 

we are connected, 

we are Loved. 

and may we trust that new life is growing.


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