Oh Ruthi.
I’ve been lying in bed for the last hour trying to fall asleep. Way past my bedtime. But I ate a chocolate mint square at 9 pm. A big one. And then engaged in Facebook statements after filling out school paper work for an hour. And the moon is full. And my mind is going.
But so productively.
And I wonder,
is this what a manic phase is like?
This back to school life feels hard. And frustrating. And much, much too variable. And yet, I think I may have succeed in many ways today. As a parent. As a person trying.
The serendipity has returned. Some unusual things happening. Nothing big and bold. But those small coincidences and sign posts that had me thanking God quietly out loud tonight from my prone position in bed before rising to type to you “Thank you for showing yourself to me.” I am overwhelmed. And i’m not sure it’s a bad thing.
Missing you. Loving you.


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